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02 February 2011


13 inches of it! It is rare that a university has a snow day, but we did today. As an undergrad we always referred to them as "once in a lifetime" events. But I have now had a snow day for two consecutive years. [can you say global weirding?]

I wish I could tell people considering Iowa that this is very unusual, but it seems to be happening more and more often (please refer to global weirding comment above). I will say that one (sort of) nice thing about Iowa is that the snow typically melts on and off during the winter. It's not like more northern states where it just piles on top of itself until Minnesota just disappears. It snows, then melts down a few inches, then gets cold and freezes again, then snows (repeat ad nauseum). And snow is manageable. Unfortunately Iowa also gets ice from time to time. Ice is tricky stuff: impossible to drive on and nearly impossible to remove from the roads. It also brings down power lines and trees.

It does end, though, and summer comes. Eventually.

But back to today. I did what any self-respecting college student does with some free time:

Sleep! (Yes, I really do wear a hat in the house. For me to be warm the thermostat has to be set at least at 80, and there is no way I am paying that much for heat. And yes, Zephyr insists on sleeping on top of me quite frequently.)

I also played in the snow with Zef

And I watched the Biggest Loser and Cupcake Wars, read the latest Runner's World, painted a closet, put up double-track shelving in the closet, and pestered the dog.

Elsewhere in recent news...I chopped off my hair.

And ate an enormously large rice krispy bar. The picture below is after I had devoured half of it. (I might also add that I was in class designing an obesity intervention with a group....oh the irony)

Hope everyone was able to enjoy the snow in some small way, even if you're like me and hate everything related to winter.

So this post basically mirrors my day: random, fun, and full of photos.

Have a great evening all! I'll leave you with a nice reminder that sunny days are ahead....even if it is still a long way off.


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