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Lisa is originally from Sigourney, Iowa. She attended Iowa State University and received her bachelor’s degree in Music in 2010. She is currently a first year Master’s of Public Health (MPH) student in community and behavioral health (CBH). Lisa works on the medicine-psychiatry unit at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC). Through this blog Lisa hopes to let people learn about the CBH department.

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28 September 2012

Practicum Products

The two main products that I'm developing as part of my practicum are videos and handouts. The videos are done (as of less than an hour ago!) but I'm waiting for some feedback before I deem them finalized and ready to show off.

The handouts on the other hand have been done for a while and even given out at our health expo this earlier this month. 

This is what I started with (click to enlarge):

I found it difficult to read. There is a lot of text with very little white space or visual structure. Additionally, the two-page format (printed front and back) meant that I was constantly flipping the paper over. The workout ideas were on one side, but the pictures of the exercises were on the other. Also, there were only women models and one of the health educators actually had a student ask if these handouts were only for women because of that!

I decided to break up the information. It was too much information for one handout. My two main requirements were that they had to be one page only and they had to be grouped in a way that people would use them. Thus I ended up with handouts depicting workouts using a particular piece of equipment (e.g. stability ball, resistance band) and a handout with muscle groups (so far only a core workout, I'm currently deciding if I want to do more like arms or legs). I also went on a hunt for male fitness models (harder than it sounds). Honestly, the handouts themselves will say more than I ever could, so have a look. 

(click to enlarge)

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