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Lisa is originally from Sigourney, Iowa. She attended Iowa State University and received her bachelor’s degree in Music in 2010. She is currently a first year Master’s of Public Health (MPH) student in community and behavioral health (CBH). Lisa works on the medicine-psychiatry unit at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC). Through this blog Lisa hopes to let people learn about the CBH department.

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26 May 2011

Say What?

That's the first thought that comes to my mind when I see this picture. 
Want another perspective on the first year of graduate school? I have included all my facebook statuses from the past year, because what better way to remember life than through facebook?

And before you freak out: this post looks inanely long, but there's not much actual content in it.

The boring "I'm in school" statuses:
I piece of my soul died last week when I realized that I was officially a student at the University of Iowa....and I almost cried.
First week of graduate the books.
Yes, I wore my ISU stuff to work (at the U of I) yesterday/last night. Yes, I got some strange looks from all the hawk fans as I was leaving work at 7:30 a.m. Yes, I will be wearing it again when I work tomorrow. No, I don't give a hoot about football, but I still want to say...Go State!
 I still prefer Iowa State
Done with my first semester of graduate school! I still managed to make today's one to one at work was incredibly productive, sans homework: My unread posts in Google Reader went from 463 to 358!
I ♥ Chobani. I do not ♥ Biostatistics.
WebCT (ISU) has a far superior histogram function that ICON (UofI). I could spend hours on WebCT splitting the sections into smaller and smaller ranges. Icon has lame, boring, permanent ranges.
There are papers:
Yay! My paper was moved back a week. Now I have all of next week to continue procrastinating on my assessment of adequate pre-natal care...
A random Disney song popping up in my itunes playlist while I'm writing a "serious" paper...makes me happy.
One presentation down. To go: a paper, another presentation, another paper, and a test. All done by Dec 8 and then I'm free!!!!
 Fv\ #${EFCC43 <----Zephyr's kindly contribution to my research paper. I think it means that he knows a lot more about the subject than I do and that I should just turn it in like that and play frisbee instead.
Social stigma and health. 3 pages. Go. 
 I have determined-through a purely random and unscientific study-that the Iowa State Daily is much better than the Daily Iowan. However, the Daily Iowan contains a New York Times crossword which slightly lessons the enormous gap between the papers. 
And other homework:
I shall be productive, I shall be productive, I shall be productive [taps pens together 3 times]....yeah, it's not working
Got a lot of cleaning done today. Yes kids,sometimes avoiding homework has good outcomes.
Actually reading my textbook. And taking notes. I'm pretty much an outstanding student.....for tonight anyway.
I just pulled out my biostats notes from this morning. The only thing I wrote: "probabilities suck."
Am I the only one that thinks it's a little strange when professors assign journal articles they authored as required reading?
Note to self: studying in a hospital stairwell results in too many doctors stopping to ask if I'm okay. Apparently "normal" people don't sit in stairwells.
I just want to read something that I do not have to discuss in class, cite in a paper, or otherwise mentally manipulate. And please please please let me have just one week where I am not required to look at a single journal article.
Just think...if I had a snuggie I wouldn't have to take my arms out from under my blanket to turn the pages on my book. But alas, i have no snuggie. 
I've learned the importance of sleep and food:
Dear brain and body: For the past week you haven't been getting along...I can't sleep and then I'm exhausted and then I still can't sleep. I can't form coherent comments for school anymore and I hardly have the energy to stand up. But can we please please please call a truce for a few hours so I can finish this paper? I promise that as soon as I am done the battle may resume in full force.
All my appreciation
Thought I had myself sorted out...but I just woke up from a 2 hour nap that I initially fought quite heavily. I suppose I needed it? I am probably still a couple nights short on my sleep...
Apparently I was more tired than I thought after work this morning. Since I slept through a couple alarms....and subsequently missed class. 
 So much for the claims on my electric blanket that it wouldn't wear out like "other" ones. Only one year old and there's just one corner that really heats up well. Although, I do put my blankets through a lot of wear.
I have spent over half of 2011 asleep. I think I'm off to a good start. 
This morning I awoke to find Zephyr sleeping on two of my pillows and a pile of blankets...while I had a sheet, and no pillows.
I do love sleeping on couches. Kind of makes me question why I spent money on a bed. 
Likes Hummus. A lot. A whole whole lot. An entire metric ton of love for hummus.
I was walking through the produce section and saw a sign for pink lady apples next to a sign for gala apples. For a moment I was really excited thinking that there was a lady gaga variety of apples... 
 Somewhere along the line I missed the lesson that a toaster oven will burn me just as easily as a real oven...ouch!
It's relieving to know that my 100% apple juice is both lactose AND gluten free. 
Having an adventure attempting to make my own pumpkin puree from a fresh pumpkin. What have I learned so far? It's really easy...except for the cutting part. I don't have a single knife suitable for cutting a pumpkin in half. 
 There is my dog (Zephyr/Zefir depending on what I feel like typing that day):
I don't think Zefir realizes what a delicate flower I am.
I'm sick of Zefir walking all over me....and my homework, laptop, bed, cell phone, journal articles, backpack, couches, and every other delicate thing I own.
Once again I have Zefir's immense help on a paper. I'm beginning to think that he should be the one in grad school and that I should be the one playing with tennis balls and squeaky toys all day long. 
 I think my parents have implanted something in Zephyr's brain. He barks at family guy but not any other tv shows. He insists on lying between me and matt when we're together. Wonder what other moral guidelines in me he's keeping in check?
On Monday Zephyr popped my stability ball. Today I bought a new stability ball...and Zephyr just popped it.
 There has been a lot of work:
 I love that the hospital's electronic charting system is called EPIC. I get to say EPIC a lot every day.....really, I say the word EPIC an EPIC amount!
Work work workity work 
What to do with myself before work? Surely one shouldn't be productive...
  Busy night. Among other things...One patient tried to kiss me. Another tried a few pickup lines. The third called me a heifer.
Just paid all my bills for the month. A little depressing to do all at once, but rather relieving in the sense that I don't have to think about any of them for another month! 
I make somewhat of an irresponsible adult.
 And there are the random, rambling thoughts from Lisa's brain (hold onto your hats ladies and gents):
 Of the 99 counties in Iowa, Keokuk County ranks 3rd from the end with percentage of adults (25 and older) with a bachelor's degree. Is it people not getting degrees or higher educated people moving away? 
I officially hate the word "jegging"
  Please excuse me while I go bang my head on the sidewalk until I forget all the results of the election.
What the hell have I been doing to myself the past few years??!? World, take heed, the old Lisa has returned!! 
Visitors: Please do not feed the ego. 
I'm a bitch. 
‎...yes, I expect to live forever, but I just don't have time to wait! 
Highlight of my day: I was looking at the clock at 1:11 on 1/11 
‎"just last week I was sitting on my couch and now I'm here." Me too! Well said reality tv contestant. Well said. 
Apparently I forgot to put my last name on a rebate form because the rebate card was sent to "Lisa No Name"
 Flipping through a Better Homes and Gardens magazine I read this: "Experts agree that the toughest school transitions are from elementary to middle school, middle to high school, and high school to college." ....and what other school transitions are there...???
Just signed up for netflix. This will either be a brilliant move or a disastrous mistake 
 My facebook wall is filled with posts by me. I am either a friendless jerk or...well, a friendless jerk?

Have a lovely Thursday, all!

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