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Lisa is originally from Sigourney, Iowa. She attended Iowa State University and received her bachelor’s degree in Music in 2010. She is currently a first year Master’s of Public Health (MPH) student in community and behavioral health (CBH). Lisa works on the medicine-psychiatry unit at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC). Through this blog Lisa hopes to let people learn about the CBH department.

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18 November 2010

Checking In

I've had a hectic week here, I'm pretty sure I haven't stopped moving since sometime Monday morning. While I haven't posted in a few days that isn't to say I haven't been working behind the scenes. I have several a lot of posts drafted or outlined.

Just to give you an idea of what to look forward to:

  • A discussion of a pair of articles regarding insurance and weight loss
  • A brief interview with Dr. Anthony Paik about his research with social networks and a review of the departmental lecture he gave on Wednesday
  • A quick update on the Fall Public Health Colloquium from today
  • A couple other posts about time management and attention management (yes, really, attention's something I have an issue with for sure)
  • A post about my thoughts on nutrition and "real" food and my latest adventure in food DIY
  • An intro to my tumblr site
And those are just the ones I've started on already! I have a whole list of things I plan to cover here. All in good time though. I'm trying to harness my enthusiasm to keep it going longer.

I just got home today and now I'm trying to catch up with everything in life....okay, that's not really feasible, so I'll probably just spend a few hours regrouping and gathering materials so my catchup efforts are effective in the next week.

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